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Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – February 2010

It was anticipated by now that this project would be complete and prospective tenants would be viewing the apartments in order that we could generate rental income.  However, when one reflects, we are only two months over this one year contract, which under the circumstances is totally understandable due to the magnitude of the works, a multitude of unseen problems that we had to overcome, and the additional structural complexities of the rebuild/refurbishment.

I would anticipate that this will be my penultimate blog, as works are now finally drawing to a successful conclusion and the basis of this overview is to look at the project on a floor by floor basis.

Third Floor
Essentially, this three bedroom apartment is now finished with the heating working successfully throughout.  Minor works include completing the LCD Lighting to the kitchen and thoroughly cleaning the apartment which has a film of dust on every surface.

Second Floor
This floor is split into two one bedroom apartments with American kitchens.

As with the third floor, these have now been completed apart from a few snagging items that will be completed during the course of this week.  Again, there is a need for a thorough cleaning throughout both of these apartments.

First Floor
We have established a beautiful two bedroom apartment with two ensuite bathrooms and independent kitchen with eating facilities.

Works as directed by the Building Control Officer have now been completed, which included fire protection within the cupboards in the ceiling voids.

Essentially, the works within this apartment are the same as the upper floors but will take a few more days to complete.

Elsworth & Bond have completely refurbished the wrought iron metalwork but we still have to complete some structural work and finishing to the external floor of the balcony.  This can be completed from the outside when the front elevation is decorated.

Ground Floor
This is one of the feature apartments within the building, having created a two bedroom apartment with a stunning kitchen and bay window to one of the bedrooms.

Over the next two weeks, Elsworth & Bond will be completing the decorations as most of the preparatory work has now been completed.  The bathroom required completing and tiling and Cranleigh Flooring will be commencing the floor finish on Monday 1 March 2010.

As stated in previous blogs, this area was always designated where most of the rubbish was stored for collection and all of the materials delivered and stored.

Lower Ground Floor
I think this will be the most desirable two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms and triple sliding glass doors out onto an open terrace adjacent to the large sitting room.

Works are being completed to both the outside rear terrace and front lightwell to ensure satisfactory drainage and the laying of natural stone tiles within both areas.

Everything apart from the final snagging will be completed by Friday 26 February 2010 as Cranleigh Flooring will be laying the concrete screed at the beginning of the following week.  Once this has dried, the final flooring will be laid which will enable Elsworth & Bond to finish the skirting throughout the apartment.

From today’s inspection, final decorations also include the final coat to all woodwork and a final finish to the walls.

Common Areas
Having decided to replace the front door due to the state of the original, we have also refurbished the internal wrought iron semi circular window above the internal double doors.  Philip Bradbury Glass will be reglazing this and the internal doors.

All of the emergency lighting is now in place apart from the ground floor which will be completed this week.

Decoration has now been completed down to the first floor and we will be concentrating on the ground floor within the next week.  Strengthening to the ground floor common area has now been completed and one of the last jobs will be laying of the new marble floor when the decorations are complete.

The rear courtyard has now received its final concrete layer and the drainage has been completed.  Decorations need to be finished and external lighting units fitted to the walls.

The front elevation and lightwell have been re-rendered and all of the preparatory works for final decorations are being carried out.  Again, the natural stone to the floor needs to be completed and final paintwork to the cast iron railings.  This will be one of the last areas to complete, together with retiling of the front steps to the property.

Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie
Bankers: Adam & Co
Accountants: Haslers
Architects: Michael Phillips Associates
Contractors: Elsworth & Bond

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