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Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – October Update

I started last months blog with the problems we were having with EDF Energy and although an order was placed with their small works department on 27 March 2009, they are still insisting on a further survey on 12 October 2009 before work commences.  Our main contractors, Elsworth & Bond, paid £1,350 for the work to be carried out and look forward to receiving a firm date when this can be done.

We have been concentrating on 1, 2 and 3rd floors and it is anticipated that Elsworth & Bond will be in a position to hand these back completed by the end of October 2009.  Cranleigh Carpets and Flooring will then start work in preparing the floors and laying the Karndean spring oak flooring throughout each apartment.  Bathrooms for these floors are being delivered this week for installation and the delivery of kitchens has been agreed on 20 October.  Our objective is to complete works on these floors and then concentrate on the lower ground floor and ground floor respectively.

The majority of the windows have now been completed and part of this process was the removal of all of the beadings in order that the draught excluders can be routed into the timber between the window sashes.  We have had to discard some of the original weights as the glass is now 4mm thick rather than the original 2.5mm which has lead to heavier sashes and the need for heavier weights as a result.

We have now negotiated the bay window design for the ground floor and the 7 x 3 design has been approved by the Conservation Officer as shown in the drawing.  This is presently being produced by our carpenters and will be fitted in the next few weeks.

Bay options

Bay options

You can download a PDF file of the bay options here:

Richard Sugarman has ordered all of the window cills required for the windows and roof which will be installed shortly.  Apart from some minor works to the rear elevation, we are close to having the scaffolding struck initially to the access road in Beverston Mews within the next two weeks and the rest of the rear elevation by the beginning of November.  A quotation from Thomas Contu for £4,345 plus VAT has been accepted to carry out full restoration to all of the railings on the balcony to the front of the building, the main entrance, security window bars, internal balustrades and railings leading down to the lower ground floor.

We are now specifying door furniture and window details and will be placing an order for the Victorian type doors to the front of each of the apartments.

Due to the nature of this contract, we are leaving the ground floor as the last apartment to be completed.  To date, the whole area has been used to collect rubbish (which has been immense on this contract) and storage of new materials that have come on site for use throughout the whole property.  Likewise, the common area will be dealt with towards the end of the contract and we anticipate laying new Travertine type floor tiles to the ground floor with carpets to the stairs and upper landing areas.

Although it has been some considerable time since works commenced, we now have to concentrate on detail and final finishes as this is what prospective tenants will notice, rather than all the work behind the finished floor, wall and ceiling surfaces. 

Project Information:

Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie
Bankers: Adam & Co
Architects: Michael Phillips Associates
Contractors: Elsworth & Bond

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