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Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – June Update

Now that the scaffolding has been in place for a number of weeks, we have had a thorough inspection of all of the windows at the property.  The Conservation Officer has requested that we repair as much as we can, but as shown on the picture, the state of the sashes in many cases requires complete replacement.  Furthermore, the window boxes on the third floor (especially in the rear) need replacing as well.
Years of neglect have also resulted in some of the cills splitting with a need to replace these with cast concrete facsimiles.  To the rear of the property, a lot of the brickwork needs repointing and Elsworth and Bond are presently routing this out in preparation for repair. 
The metal railings to the front first floor and ground floor have been ground down and rubbed free of any rust and coated with red oxide paint.  There is the need to appoint a specialist to repair these where necessary.

The rear extension has now been built with a flat roof extension including two new velux windows to provide extra light into the kitchen.  We have continued to maintain very good working relations with our neighbours at Beverston Mews, who had been concerned about the noise and disruption caused by major building works.
Work in the basement is continuing with Renderseal starting the application of Sika cement to the walls.  Their first job was to prepare the brickwork with a needle gun in order that the new plaster would adhere to it’s surface.  Once this had been completed, Elsworth & Bond will apply a final coat of Unibond Plaster finish.  Work in the three vaulted ceilings under the road has not been as straightforward as there has been a great deal of damp penetration.  However, a period of warm, bright sunshine will assist us in drying these areas out for the Sika application.
Structural work on the ground floor is now completed and the new raised bathroom floor is in place.  We have also started to rebuild the brickwork for the new Georgian window to the rear bedroom and are waiting to hear from the Conservation Officer to approve our final design before completing the finished brickwork.
The majority of all the multi finish plastering has now been completed on the first, second and third floors and Elsworth & Bond have instructed a specialist contractor to complete the lath and lime plaster.  This process is much slower and more expensive but is a requirement of the Conservation Officer to restore the internal fabric of the property on a like for like basis.  They will also be assigned with the installation repair of all the cornicing at the property.
In certain areas of the property, we have had to take up flooring to re-route waste pipes as the original location adjacent to the fireplaces is impractical and would result in unnecessary boxing to the corners of some of the rooms.  We have also routed ducting pipes through floors and ceilings to the rear of the property as it is important that all the kitchen areas have sufficient extraction as in the most part they are American style facilities in living areas.
Now that the first fix of electrics (except the basement) are complete, we have installed all TV, telephone, smoke detectors and radiator points.  The plumbers have also finished most of the first fixing to the bathrooms on the first, second and third floors.
There is no doubt that Elsworth & Bond are moving along swiftly with this project and I counted at least twenty contractors working on the site at any one time.  There is a real sense that we have broken the back of this contract, and with the summer months ahead of us, are looking forward to working on the finishes and returning this Grade II Listed Property to its former glory.



Project Information: Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie, Bankers: Adam & Co , Accountants: Haslers, Architects: Michael Phillips Associates, Contractors: Elsworth & Bond



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