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Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – January 2010

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

We are in the midst of the worst winter weather conditions for the last 30 years and this has resulted in the depletion of our workforce and non delivery of goods and materials required to finish the contract.  Notwithstanding the short term difficulties, Richard Sugarman of Elsworth & Bond is working with his team to complete many of the outstanding items.  These include the fitting of ceiling and wall lights, together will all of the bathroom fittings throughout the property.  Now that all of the internal doors have been delivered by the Door Gallery, they have been fitted on the first, second and third floors.  We are waiting for the delivery of the suited mortice locks from Guildford Lock and Safe Ltd which will enable us to secure the apartments on all of these floors.

As mentioned last month, most of the work is being concentrated on the ground floor, which includes the levelling of the front lobby and ground floor common area which also needs to be subtantially strengthened to receive new marble flooring being delivered on 13 January 2010.  The bathroom is being completed, together with the kitchen with the unique island unit feature in the main living room.  It is certainly a very busy place to be with carpenters, plumbers and painters all working together in a confined space. 

We are also finishing off the basement which includes a complete rebuilding of the front entrance and lightwell, which will require re-rendering and decorating up to ground floor level.  We are very mindful of possible flooding from both the front and rear of the property and our Architect, Michael Phillips, is designing specific cill details to minimize any possible water penetration from outside.  There has been a delay of the delivery of the rear sliding doors until 22 January 2010, which in turn delays the finishing of the floor throughout the basement as we must be weather tight to avoid any future problems.

Clearly our objective now is to complete the contract and obtain the appropriate Certificates from EDF Energy (Electricity), Building Control (Westminster City Counci) and final Architects Certificate (Michael Phillips Associates).  Our target date for these inspections to be completed is the beginning of February 2010 and at this time we will apply for Energy Performance Certificates to be completed by an independent inspector.

As detailed on my January 2009 blog, we were applying to change the name of the property to Beverston House.  This has been turned down by the Post Office and we have decided to refer to the property simply as 11 Upper Montagu Street.

Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie 
Bankers: Adam & Co 
Accountants: Haslers
Architects: Michael Phillips Associates 
Contractors: Elsworth & Bond