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Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – February 2010

Friday, February 19th, 2010

It was anticipated by now that this project would be complete and prospective tenants would be viewing the apartments in order that we could generate rental income.  However, when one reflects, we are only two months over this one year contract, which under the circumstances is totally understandable due to the magnitude of the works, a multitude of unseen problems that we had to overcome, and the additional structural complexities of the rebuild/refurbishment.

I would anticipate that this will be my penultimate blog, as works are now finally drawing to a successful conclusion and the basis of this overview is to look at the project on a floor by floor basis.

Third Floor
Essentially, this three bedroom apartment is now finished with the heating working successfully throughout.  Minor works include completing the LCD Lighting to the kitchen and thoroughly cleaning the apartment which has a film of dust on every surface.

Second Floor
This floor is split into two one bedroom apartments with American kitchens.

As with the third floor, these have now been completed apart from a few snagging items that will be completed during the course of this week.  Again, there is a need for a thorough cleaning throughout both of these apartments.

First Floor
We have established a beautiful two bedroom apartment with two ensuite bathrooms and independent kitchen with eating facilities.

Works as directed by the Building Control Officer have now been completed, which included fire protection within the cupboards in the ceiling voids.

Essentially, the works within this apartment are the same as the upper floors but will take a few more days to complete.

Elsworth & Bond have completely refurbished the wrought iron metalwork but we still have to complete some structural work and finishing to the external floor of the balcony.  This can be completed from the outside when the front elevation is decorated.

Ground Floor
This is one of the feature apartments within the building, having created a two bedroom apartment with a stunning kitchen and bay window to one of the bedrooms.

Over the next two weeks, Elsworth & Bond will be completing the decorations as most of the preparatory work has now been completed.  The bathroom required completing and tiling and Cranleigh Flooring will be commencing the floor finish on Monday 1 March 2010.

As stated in previous blogs, this area was always designated where most of the rubbish was stored for collection and all of the materials delivered and stored.

Lower Ground Floor
I think this will be the most desirable two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms and triple sliding glass doors out onto an open terrace adjacent to the large sitting room.

Works are being completed to both the outside rear terrace and front lightwell to ensure satisfactory drainage and the laying of natural stone tiles within both areas.

Everything apart from the final snagging will be completed by Friday 26 February 2010 as Cranleigh Flooring will be laying the concrete screed at the beginning of the following week.  Once this has dried, the final flooring will be laid which will enable Elsworth & Bond to finish the skirting throughout the apartment.

From today’s inspection, final decorations also include the final coat to all woodwork and a final finish to the walls.

Common Areas
Having decided to replace the front door due to the state of the original, we have also refurbished the internal wrought iron semi circular window above the internal double doors.  Philip Bradbury Glass will be reglazing this and the internal doors.

All of the emergency lighting is now in place apart from the ground floor which will be completed this week.

Decoration has now been completed down to the first floor and we will be concentrating on the ground floor within the next week.  Strengthening to the ground floor common area has now been completed and one of the last jobs will be laying of the new marble floor when the decorations are complete.

The rear courtyard has now received its final concrete layer and the drainage has been completed.  Decorations need to be finished and external lighting units fitted to the walls.

The front elevation and lightwell have been re-rendered and all of the preparatory works for final decorations are being carried out.  Again, the natural stone to the floor needs to be completed and final paintwork to the cast iron railings.  This will be one of the last areas to complete, together with retiling of the front steps to the property.

Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie
Bankers: Adam & Co
Accountants: Haslers
Architects: Michael Phillips Associates
Contractors: Elsworth & Bond

Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – January 2010

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

We are in the midst of the worst winter weather conditions for the last 30 years and this has resulted in the depletion of our workforce and non delivery of goods and materials required to finish the contract.  Notwithstanding the short term difficulties, Richard Sugarman of Elsworth & Bond is working with his team to complete many of the outstanding items.  These include the fitting of ceiling and wall lights, together will all of the bathroom fittings throughout the property.  Now that all of the internal doors have been delivered by the Door Gallery, they have been fitted on the first, second and third floors.  We are waiting for the delivery of the suited mortice locks from Guildford Lock and Safe Ltd which will enable us to secure the apartments on all of these floors.

As mentioned last month, most of the work is being concentrated on the ground floor, which includes the levelling of the front lobby and ground floor common area which also needs to be subtantially strengthened to receive new marble flooring being delivered on 13 January 2010.  The bathroom is being completed, together with the kitchen with the unique island unit feature in the main living room.  It is certainly a very busy place to be with carpenters, plumbers and painters all working together in a confined space. 

We are also finishing off the basement which includes a complete rebuilding of the front entrance and lightwell, which will require re-rendering and decorating up to ground floor level.  We are very mindful of possible flooding from both the front and rear of the property and our Architect, Michael Phillips, is designing specific cill details to minimize any possible water penetration from outside.  There has been a delay of the delivery of the rear sliding doors until 22 January 2010, which in turn delays the finishing of the floor throughout the basement as we must be weather tight to avoid any future problems.

Clearly our objective now is to complete the contract and obtain the appropriate Certificates from EDF Energy (Electricity), Building Control (Westminster City Counci) and final Architects Certificate (Michael Phillips Associates).  Our target date for these inspections to be completed is the beginning of February 2010 and at this time we will apply for Energy Performance Certificates to be completed by an independent inspector.

As detailed on my January 2009 blog, we were applying to change the name of the property to Beverston House.  This has been turned down by the Post Office and we have decided to refer to the property simply as 11 Upper Montagu Street.

Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie 
Bankers: Adam & Co 
Accountants: Haslers
Architects: Michael Phillips Associates 
Contractors: Elsworth & Bond

Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – December Update

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Another month has passed since my last update and Elsworth & Bond have achieved a great deal in bringing this project closer to a satisfactory conclusion.  I have also been coordinating closely with our Architects, Michael Phillips Associates, as it is important that we get the final details right with all the finishes for each apartment.  Our interior designer, Helen Brodie, has coordinated the various colour schemes throughout the property and has now ordered the blinds and curtains from John Lewis which will be fitted during the early part of 2010.

It was good to see that the scaffolding to the front and back of the property has now been struck and a meeting with the residents of Beverston Mews on Monday 30 November 2009 was concluded successfully as we have been particularly careful to minimize both the disturbance and damage to their property.  We have now repaired and rebuilt the railings to the front of the property but still have some structural work in repairing the balcony to the front of elevation.  This will be done once we have had this inspected by our Structural Engineers, Stoddard Associates.

All of the external work was finally completed by EDF Energy on Wednesday 25 November 2009.  Independent supplies to all of the apartments are in place and our Electrician, Greg & Co, will shortly have all of the mains lighting, emergency lighting and power points up and running. 

Second and Third floors – Cranleigh Carpets and Flooring have prepared and laid the oak type flooring throughout.  This has been laid within the finished bathrooms and kitchen areas providing a real feeling of space in the apartments.  The decorations have also been completed and once the individually made front doors have been delivered by The Door Gallery, we will be able to seal these areas off from any builders dust, etc.

First and Lower Ground Floors – We are now working to have the floors laid in these areas on Monday 7 December 2009 as the kitchens and bathrooms have been fitted in both areas.  Decorations on the first floor are now completed and over the course of this week we will be completing the decorations in the Lower Ground Floor.  The purpose built sliding doors to the rear Courtyard are being delivered and fitted on Monday 14 December 2009.

From the beginning of next week, Elsworth & Bond will be concentrating on finishing off the Ground Floor apartment which to date has been used for the storage of rubbish and delivery of goods on site.  We are therefore progressing swiftly with the plastering to the ceiling especially, which has had a great deal of remedial work carried out on it.  This was due primarily to the collapse of lath and plaster and would have been a health and safety hazard if not now, then at some point in the future.

We have exposed a beautiful art deco half moon detail above the new double doors in the Ground Floor entrance, which will be refurbished and painted.  Furthermore, we are also stripping off all of the paint and dirt to the solid stone staircase and proposing to reinstate the stair rods within the existing eyelets for a central carpet up to the Second Floor.

All of the door knobs and internal light fittings have been ordered and will be delivered to site later this week with small items such as toilet roll holders and door stops still to be chosen and ordered for fitting.

I am now getting a real appreciation of how the finished property will appear and look forward to showing agents and prospective tenants around the property in order that we can secure lettings and generate rental income during the early part of 2010.

Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie
Bankers: Adam & Co
Architects: Michael Phillips Associates
Contractors: Elsworth & Bond

Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – November Update

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

We are now finally getting to the stage when some of the scaffolding to the rear of the property can be struck.  We have certainly had scaffolding much longer than intended and the residents of Beverston Mews are very anxious that their entrance is clear of scaffolding poles as soon as possible. 

We have completed replacing the coping stones at roof level and have some minor jobs to do with completing the window cills and joining up the last few waste pipes to the rear.  One of the last jobs will be replacing some of the slate roof tiles and installing the new oversized roof light which will provide us with access for maintenance purposes.  All of these last few works can be done from the inside over the next week or so.

With Cranleigh Flooring & Carpets coming on site on Monday 9 November, we are now finishing off the second and third floor in anticipation of the first floor following shortly afterwards.  All of the woodwork has been painted and we are just finishing off the second coats of paint to the walls throughout these floors.  We only need to purchase and fit door and window furniture as all of the second fix electrical fittings are now in place.  

Therefore, the works are being concentrated on both the kitchens and bathrooms.  It now becomes abundantly clear how irregular the surfaces are throughout this property as this is now being emphasized by fitting the kitchen units on both the floors and walls.  This has resulted in a lot of packing out so that everything is plumb and square to receive the worktops which will be fitted once the templates have been completed. 

Tiling to the bathrooms is 85% complete and when these have been grouted, the basins and toilets will also be connected up to the water supply and waste.  To provide maximum space to the bathrooms on the second and third floors, we have decided to mirror one entire wall, which we believe will give the desired effect of showing maximum space.

Work is also progressing on the lower ground floor with new cornicing now being fitted to the ceilings and all doors fitted throughout.  We are still waiting for St Albans door company to arrange a second site visit to measure up the V-folding doors to the courtyard as they will be fitting them on our behalf.  The internal doors to each of the front doors of the apartments have now been chosen and agreed with our architect, Michael Phillips, and an order placed with St Albans Door Company.  These will be six panelled Victorian raised and fielded painted, with oval satin finish door knobs.

John Lewis in Oxford Street have been appointed to supply and fit blinds and curtains throughout the property and a survey was carried out on Tuesday 3 November 2009 for them to provide a comprehensive quotation.

Whilst we are still on target to finish the apartments by Christmas 2009, there will still be the outstanding job of finishing the common areas throughout the property. There has undoubtedly been an overspend due predominantly to the structural issues and problems we have encountered over the last twelve months. The exact figure will become clear towards the end of this year, but I do not anticipate it being over 12% of the overall cost of the contract originally quoted for last year.

Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie
Bankers: Adam & Co
Architects: Michael Phillips Associates
Contractors: Elsworth & Bond

Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – October Update

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

I started last months blog with the problems we were having with EDF Energy and although an order was placed with their small works department on 27 March 2009, they are still insisting on a further survey on 12 October 2009 before work commences.  Our main contractors, Elsworth & Bond, paid £1,350 for the work to be carried out and look forward to receiving a firm date when this can be done.

We have been concentrating on 1, 2 and 3rd floors and it is anticipated that Elsworth & Bond will be in a position to hand these back completed by the end of October 2009.  Cranleigh Carpets and Flooring will then start work in preparing the floors and laying the Karndean spring oak flooring throughout each apartment.  Bathrooms for these floors are being delivered this week for installation and the delivery of kitchens has been agreed on 20 October.  Our objective is to complete works on these floors and then concentrate on the lower ground floor and ground floor respectively.

The majority of the windows have now been completed and part of this process was the removal of all of the beadings in order that the draught excluders can be routed into the timber between the window sashes.  We have had to discard some of the original weights as the glass is now 4mm thick rather than the original 2.5mm which has lead to heavier sashes and the need for heavier weights as a result.

We have now negotiated the bay window design for the ground floor and the 7 x 3 design has been approved by the Conservation Officer as shown in the drawing.  This is presently being produced by our carpenters and will be fitted in the next few weeks.

Bay options

Bay options

You can download a PDF file of the bay options here:

Richard Sugarman has ordered all of the window cills required for the windows and roof which will be installed shortly.  Apart from some minor works to the rear elevation, we are close to having the scaffolding struck initially to the access road in Beverston Mews within the next two weeks and the rest of the rear elevation by the beginning of November.  A quotation from Thomas Contu for £4,345 plus VAT has been accepted to carry out full restoration to all of the railings on the balcony to the front of the building, the main entrance, security window bars, internal balustrades and railings leading down to the lower ground floor.

We are now specifying door furniture and window details and will be placing an order for the Victorian type doors to the front of each of the apartments.

Due to the nature of this contract, we are leaving the ground floor as the last apartment to be completed.  To date, the whole area has been used to collect rubbish (which has been immense on this contract) and storage of new materials that have come on site for use throughout the whole property.  Likewise, the common area will be dealt with towards the end of the contract and we anticipate laying new Travertine type floor tiles to the ground floor with carpets to the stairs and upper landing areas.

Although it has been some considerable time since works commenced, we now have to concentrate on detail and final finishes as this is what prospective tenants will notice, rather than all the work behind the finished floor, wall and ceiling surfaces. 

Project Information:

Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie
Bankers: Adam & Co
Architects: Michael Phillips Associates
Contractors: Elsworth & Bond

Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – September Update

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The forward planning of this development has been an important part of its success to date.  However EDF Energy continues to cause problems.  Even though an order was placed 6 months ago to replace the existing power supply with new independent suppliers for each flat, the works are still outstanding.  After repeated requests we expect the work to be done before the end of next month which is critical to complete all of the connections to the apartments.


Another important element is the supply of new sash windows and boxes which are now on site.  Elsworth and Bond are replacing all the boxes where necessary each floor and installing the new sashes throughout.  Due to the bad damp, decay and neglect in the basement there is quite a lot of repair work to be done to the window frames and side panels which we are doing on site.  Fitting of the window frames is an interesting and difficult process as all of the boxes are cut perfectly square, which we are trying to fit into irregular shapes due to the age and nature of the property. 


All of the architraves, skirting and dado rails have arrived on site for fitting over the next few weeks.  These are all made from Tulip wood and include 12 different types and sizes to match the existing designs at the property.  This has been carried out by a specialist company and all of the finishes have been approved by the conservation officer at Westminster City Council.  The doors however are a different matter as we have to supply and fit on a like for like basis.  We have therefore used door blanks on all of the internal areas and will fit more elaborate Victorian panel doors to the front entrances to each of the apartments.  These need to be half hour fire rated and due to the complicated construction cost in excess of £500 each whereas the door blanks are only £80 each providing a substantial saving on the project.


We have elected to change all the radiators from an electric cast iron design to an electric aluminum design but will have to wait until November for the delivery of these therma panel radiators.  The cost and output of the aluminum radiators is identical to the previous specification but are much lighter and due to the nature of the walls and under window timber panels will be much easier to fit.


Turning to the external works, we have now completed the lead roofing, external pointing and lead guttering and downpipes throughout.  We will not be able to drop the scaffolding until the windows have been completely installed and repairs or renewals made to the window calls both to the front and back of the property.  We are also obtaining quotations for the repair of the metal work to the staircase and external balconies which have unfortunately rusted and decayed over a long period of time.


We anticipate that the fittings of the bathrooms will commence during the later part of September 2009 and the delivery of kitchens are expected during the middle of October 2009 which I am looking forward to as it shows that the project will be in its final phase.



Project Information:

Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie, Bankers: Adam & Co , Accountants: Haslers, Architects: Michael Phillips Associates, Contractors: Elsworth & Bond




Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – August Update

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Now that the floors have been completed in the basement area, Elsworth & Bond are concentrating on completing all of the partitions and completing the double tacking of the ceilings throughout.  This includes acoustic and thermal felting inside both the walls and ceiling to provide the necessary sound protection.  Our objective is to complete the plastering by 15 August 2009 throughout the whole area and utilize all of the materials that are presently stored on the first floor in order that the apartment can also be progressed in a similar fashion.  A requirement of the Conservation Officer was to maintain the existing stone staircase and cast iron balustrade, which will be achieved by partitioning and boxing out this area as requested as part of our listed building consent.
The opening for the hardwood doors to the courtyard will be completed to enable the manufacturer to build these to our exact requirements.  These will be four leaf fully opening sliding doors to the courtyard.
The windows and door schedule for the entire property has now been agreed by Westminster City Council and Michael Phillips.  Elsworth & Bond are therefore repairing those windows as requested and we have ordered all of the new sash windows and boxes which require replacing.  An example of a renewed window on the third floor can be seen, together with an opening which will receive a brand new window on a like for like basis.  Existing cills will be repaired where necessary.  There has been an overrun for the installation and the scaffolding is remaining in place at £230 plus VAT per week until this part of the contract has been completed.
We are presently reviewing how to deal with the concrete floor to the ground floor and front entrance and it has been recommended that this area is lifted and replaced with a new timber strucuture with period floor tile finish and carpets to the stairs.  We will be obtaining a quote for these works.
The curved window to the rear bedroom on the ground floor has now had the brickwork completed and all of the external brickwork to the rear has been repointed after all the remedial work has been completed.  Part of this area includes the rear courtyard which has now been fully rendered and has transformed this area completely, which will be greatly enhanced when painted.
All of the lead work to the flat roofs to the rear of the property has been completed, which gives a quality finish to the roof structures.
Jim Briscoe has completed all of the new cornice work on the upper floors and is now taking facsimile copies of the existing cornicing on the ground and first floors.  His main task will be to replace and renew where necessary,  and we are also commissioning him to provide new cornice work to the lower ground floor as this has worked so successfully on the third floor.
An order has been placed with Heat and Cool for the thermal panel electric radiators and we are presently strengthening the existing timber boarding to the underside of windows where most of the radiators will be fixed.  The hot water cylinders have been located in the roof space for the second and third floors (125 litres for each cylinder) and the remaining cylinders are on site for fitting once other works have been completed.
There is a real feel of definate progress as the site office has now been moved from the third floor to the lower ground floor and we are considering placing an order for the kitchens at the end of this month, which makes me feel that the contract will be completed before Christmas, to allow us to market the property for lettings for the early part of 2010.

Project Information: Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie, Bankers: Adam & Co , Accountants: Haslers, Architects: Michael Phillips Associates, Contractors: Elsworth & Bond

Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – July Update

Friday, July 10th, 2009

A great deal of work has now been completed to the external fabric of the property, which has resulted in additional structural work to both the front and rear of the building.  A number of cracks have been exposed close to the window reveals and we are replacing bricks where necessary and re-rendering.  Smaller cracks will be repaired in situ.  Our structural engineer, Robert Stodart, has provided us with instructions on how to repair cracks near corners and openings and we are fitting Helifix bars to a number of areas, especially at the back of the property.  These are effective and permanent, introducing substantial reinforcement to the structural integrity of the property.  New coping stones will be supplied and fitted to the roof to replace the existing York Stone surrounds.


Elsworth & Bond are now in the process of cutting and fitting the cast iron down pipes and soil pipes, replacing all of the old defective plastic pipework.


It is good to see that Renderseal have now finished all of the Sika waterproofing to the walls and floors in the basement area.  The floor is now covered with a black bitumen layer, with 75mm of insulation, which has now been covered and protected with solid plastic sheeting.  Once all of the cables have been run and insulated, the builders will lay a 75mm concrete screed, forming the finished floor level throughout the basement.


The under pavement storage areas have also been completed by Renderseal Ltd and are now partially painted.  Elsworth & Bond are in the process of building platforms for the two cold water storage tanks with pumps, which will include TV and video distribution points, and a separate area for all of the water meters.  We are having to glue all of the panels to the wall surface in order to protect our guarantee with Renderseal Ltd.  The other area will be used for storage of rubbish and dustbins allocated to each apartment in the building.


Further work includes the removal of all plaster in the rear courtyard, which has also been scrubbed with wire brushes and is now prepared for rendering and painting.  This will provide maximum light to the well area for the basement flat in particular.  We are proposing to supply and fit triple opening doors which will open out from the sitting room. 


All of the specialist lime plastering has been completed on the upper floors and the new cornicing completed on the second and third floors.  The task that now needs to be completed by our specialist plasterer, Jim Briscoe, includes making moulds of the existing cornicing on the ground and first floors and making good where necessary.  There are a number of places where the complicated cornicing has been damaged or removed over the years and this is something that we wish to replace in accordance with our Listed Building Approval from Westminster Council.  The fireplaces throughout the property are also being boxed out in order to provide a decorative feature for each of the rooms.


After receiving a quotation from the Door Gallery, I was surprized that Edwardian period doors (½ hour fire rated) would be as expensive as £500 each, which does not include the door furniture or fitting.  After discussions with Richard Sugarman, we have decided to use door planks at a cost of £80 each and we will design our own beading, which should bring the total to around £120 per door exclusive of door furniture and fitting.  I have seen a similar approach adopted by the Portman Estate, and it is our intention to copy their concept.


You will note from the photograph that all of the floors between the rafters are thoroughly cleaned and either one or two layers of rockwall insulation has been fitted to decrease sound transmission between the apartments.  The floors on the second and third floors are now ready to receive the Isocheck floor covering and 12mm ply on top for extra rigidity.


The discussions concerning the windows continues with the Conservation Officer, and in order for us to alter the designs to the original windows that would have been installed in 1810 requires Planning and Listed Building Consent.  This will result in a substantial delay, both in the construction of the windows and scaffolding that we presently have in place.  Therefore, I have made the decision to repair those windows that can be economically saved and replace those windows and doors that cannot be repaired.  This has verbally been agreed with the Conservation Officer.


Our focus now is to complete most of the works on the upper floors and for Elsworth & Bond to work their way down to the lower ground floor, where the site office will be located for the duration of the contract. 


Whilst there has been a substantial amount of additional work carried out, we are still optimistic that the property will be available for occupation by Christmas 2009.


Project Information: Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie, Bankers: Adam & Co , Accountants: Haslers, Architects: Michael Phillips Associates, Contractors: Elsworth & Bond

Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – June Update

Friday, May 29th, 2009
Now that the scaffolding has been in place for a number of weeks, we have had a thorough inspection of all of the windows at the property.  The Conservation Officer has requested that we repair as much as we can, but as shown on the picture, the state of the sashes in many cases requires complete replacement.  Furthermore, the window boxes on the third floor (especially in the rear) need replacing as well.
Years of neglect have also resulted in some of the cills splitting with a need to replace these with cast concrete facsimiles.  To the rear of the property, a lot of the brickwork needs repointing and Elsworth and Bond are presently routing this out in preparation for repair. 
The metal railings to the front first floor and ground floor have been ground down and rubbed free of any rust and coated with red oxide paint.  There is the need to appoint a specialist to repair these where necessary.

The rear extension has now been built with a flat roof extension including two new velux windows to provide extra light into the kitchen.  We have continued to maintain very good working relations with our neighbours at Beverston Mews, who had been concerned about the noise and disruption caused by major building works.
Work in the basement is continuing with Renderseal starting the application of Sika cement to the walls.  Their first job was to prepare the brickwork with a needle gun in order that the new plaster would adhere to it’s surface.  Once this had been completed, Elsworth & Bond will apply a final coat of Unibond Plaster finish.  Work in the three vaulted ceilings under the road has not been as straightforward as there has been a great deal of damp penetration.  However, a period of warm, bright sunshine will assist us in drying these areas out for the Sika application.
Structural work on the ground floor is now completed and the new raised bathroom floor is in place.  We have also started to rebuild the brickwork for the new Georgian window to the rear bedroom and are waiting to hear from the Conservation Officer to approve our final design before completing the finished brickwork.
The majority of all the multi finish plastering has now been completed on the first, second and third floors and Elsworth & Bond have instructed a specialist contractor to complete the lath and lime plaster.  This process is much slower and more expensive but is a requirement of the Conservation Officer to restore the internal fabric of the property on a like for like basis.  They will also be assigned with the installation repair of all the cornicing at the property.
In certain areas of the property, we have had to take up flooring to re-route waste pipes as the original location adjacent to the fireplaces is impractical and would result in unnecessary boxing to the corners of some of the rooms.  We have also routed ducting pipes through floors and ceilings to the rear of the property as it is important that all the kitchen areas have sufficient extraction as in the most part they are American style facilities in living areas.
Now that the first fix of electrics (except the basement) are complete, we have installed all TV, telephone, smoke detectors and radiator points.  The plumbers have also finished most of the first fixing to the bathrooms on the first, second and third floors.
There is no doubt that Elsworth & Bond are moving along swiftly with this project and I counted at least twenty contractors working on the site at any one time.  There is a real sense that we have broken the back of this contract, and with the summer months ahead of us, are looking forward to working on the finishes and returning this Grade II Listed Property to its former glory.



Project Information: Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie, Bankers: Adam & Co , Accountants: Haslers, Architects: Michael Phillips Associates, Contractors: Elsworth & Bond



Redevelopment of 11 Upper Montagu Street – May Update

Friday, May 1st, 2009
The building work on this project is progressing well, and whilst we thought that all of the structural work had been completed, we are faced with new challenges with this Grade II Listed Building. 
By exposing a number of beams, we have found more evidence of woodworm, which inevitably results in new steels or timbers.  
Removing the existing Georgian window on the ground floor has also revealed rusted steels and poor workmanship which Elsworth & Bond will be reconstructing to modern day standards.  The result of this and many more areas of poor building integrity is increasing the construction costs and time of this complex building and refurbishment project.
The property has now been completely scaffolded, which will enable the builders to commence work on the exterior of the property. 
A meeting is being held with the Architects, Michael Phillips & Associates, and the Conservation Officer at Westminster City Council to decide on the style and finish of the windows throughout.  In preparation for this, all of the existing cast iron water downpipes and soil pipes have been removed.  A consignment of 2,500 original stock bricks has been delivered for the building of the rear extension.
Paul Brodie has agreed to enter into a Licence Agreement for the owners of the properties in Beverston Mews, to allow Unique Scaffolding to erect their equipment over the side entrance and rear elevation of 11 Upper Montagu Street.  This provides us with a period of twelve weeks to carry out the necessary work by Elsworth & Bond.
Although all of the internal fireplaces are being bricked up, we have had all of the chimneys swept for safety reasons, which revealed further structural movement that has now been repaired.  The lower ground floor has now been structurally completed and the electricians will shortly be chasing out for commencement of their first fix.  Once this is done, Renderseal will be instructed to carry out all of their tanking work, which will provide a water free environment for the apartment.
The electricians have completed their first fix on the first, second and third floors and are now starting on the ground floor.  Paul Brodie has decided that all of the downlighters in the property will be 12 volt low voltage dimmable fixtures.
The plasterer, Jim Briscoe, has been instructed to commence work with the new cornicing on Monday 11 May 2009 and it will be his responsibility to repair any existing cornicing that has been damaged, which is a requirement of our Listed Building Consent.  We are, where possible, plasterboarding and plastering with multi finish on the walls and ceilings, however there are some parts where again, our Listed Building Consent demands repair and replacement of lath and lime plaster.

Project Information: Freeholders: P R & G J Brodie, Bankers: Adam & Co , Accountants: Haslers, Architects: Michael Phillips Associates, Contractors: Elsworth & Bond